Thankful Thursdays :3 Types of Friends(27)


Thankful Thursdays have made life more disciplined and fulfilling. When you know you have a long list of blessings, life just becomes more peaceful.The small irritations like  AC not working in the car , loses its power to spoil the day.Today on Thankful Thursday, we are celebrating the ”people gifts” that God gives us.Friends !

I believe people treasures, are the true measure of who you are and what you are.If I  am the total of the five people I spend the most time with, then I am in excellent company.The best part is, family we are born, with friends we choose.

When I was a child I had a habit of blurting out the most outrageous truths. I stayed friends with people who could handle that. Honest, hard working, fun humans, who can give back as good as they get. When people don’t know you they judge you by the friends you have.So choose carefully ,because friends can help you win or make failing inevitable.

I tend to gravitate toward 3 types of friends

1)People who are good and make me feel happy.

2)People who are fun.

3)People who are interesting.

When I was in school my best friend, R was an adorable mix of all three.Probably that’s why we are still in touch, separated by 5 seas and 3 continents.It has taken me a long time, but I have come to find the people, who make me feel good, are fun, interesting and from whom I can learn.Every person can teach us something.Through their good behavior or bad traits.It’s a personal choice that I would rather associate with good.

I married such a friend and found the first type of adorable friends online. Together we just published our E -books and it’s a wonderful feeling.

Good friends help you be better.

I have made my fair share of mistakes and hung out with the wrong sorts because they were fun and interesting.Then I was not reading philosophy and human nature.I thought

If I am good, nobody can tarnish me.

I was wrong .Evil does have great power if you let it enter.

Behavior, character and your soul has an invisible light and perfume. #drAwrites #ThankfulThursdays #HWB Click To Tweet

When you are good and happy, your soul shines with a golden light and people smile when you enter a room.When you spend time with the wrong type of people, those with whom you don’t agree, whose morals make you cringe, that golden light in your soul dies.Your perfume becomes like the smell of a closed room.Heavy and claustrophobic.You are doing something and your brain is sending you distress signs!

That’s not a good situation.Successful people make friends carefully and you should too.

Successful people make friends carefully and you should too. #drAwrites #HWB #ThankfulThursdays Click To Tweet

Read below, what Aristotle says about friendship

Each type of friendship, to be an actual friendship, has the following attributes:

“To be friends, therefore, men must (1) feel goodwill for each other, that is, wish each other’s good, and (2) be aware of each other’s goodwill, and (3) the cause of their goodwill must be one of the lovable qualities like utility ,friendship and good.

Aristotle observes, “The perfect form of friendship is that between the good and those who resemble each other in virtue.

Writing this for #ThankfulThursdays .

Prompt this week:

3 types of friends you are Thankful for

3 types of Friends I am thankful for

3 types of Friends I am thankful for

Thankful Thursdays your hosts

Thankful Thursdays your hosts

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Blog hops :How to get the most benefits

Blog hops :How to get the most benefits


Who is your perfect friend? Your choice will say a lot about you.Comment below to share notes.


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  1. This is so great! Thank you for sharing. I think cultivating a lifestyle of thankfulness is a really great pursuit.

  2. Good friends are like roots of the tree. I prefer to stay with positive and keen-to-learn friends.

  3. I do agree, Amrita. Friendship is essential to our wellbeing and I also think that the influence of these people with whom we interract on a daily basis can have a lot of effect on our behaviour and thinking, also effectively and quietly changing and transforming our characters.

  4. We always gravitate towards people with whom we share common interests and characteristics. They are the wind beneath our wings. I too am in touch with few of my school friends and it’s always a pleasure to talk to them.

  5. Who doesn’t like fun and interesting people? Oh and those who make you feel good – the positive ones – they’re the best kind. Loved this prompt Amrita. So happy to join in.

  6. Agree on every point. I can stay friends only with those people who give us positive vibes. Lucky to get few such good friends in life. Friendships are difficult and it teaches us a lot in life.

  7. I loved the topic so much that i could not stop writing for it. It made me wonder and think about my life, my surroundings, my friends and most importantly these 3 types of friends.

  8. Agree with each and word written here, Amrita. Evil can tarnish good, haven’t we seen it happening?
    Successful people should make friends carefully, oh yes!
    As you say, we are the sum total of the 5 people we interact most with, we better be careful of whom we want to be known as!:))
    This was a beautifully written post. Slightly different from your usual style, leaning more towards introspecting/philosophical , and I loved reading it immensely!

  9. Yes, positive human beings make a world of a difference. Everyone has gone through their share of bad experiences and realised how they need to make their choices.