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When children are growing up, the right amount of protein is needed to help them grow.Growth spurts, pregnancy, old age, you, me, everyone needs protein.All, your cells are made up of proteins.In fact, proteins are the building blocks of cells.

This is where Protinex lends a helping hand.

Key Features of Protinex

  • A brand whose trust factor is commendable
  • The hydrolyzed protein in Protinex makes digestion and absorption easy.
  • It is hydrolyzed protein containing di, tri, and polypeptides which are predigested proteins.

How exactly does hydrolyzed protein help you?

Since these are already partially digested and broken down into simpler protein blocks, the absorption and utilization in your cells are quicker and more efficient.

The Hydrolysed Protein in Protinex makes it useful in several conditions.

Hydrolysed protein is great post work out to avoid muscle break down.

It is also a good way to improve the protein intake in people recovering from illness, surgery.

It is great for infants, children, during pregnancy, lactation and elderly.

Protein calculator is an interesting online app which will help you access your protein intake and correct deficiencies if any.

Ideally, you need to have 0.7grma up to 1 gram of protein per kg per day.But this needs to be adjusted according to your age, gender, physiological states like a growth spurt, pregnancy, breast feeding, disease states, nature of daily activity and activity level.

So that makes planning a diet challenge.You need to have protein with all your meals.But what if you are busy and can’t always manage a balanced meal.That’s when Protinex can help you.Just find out from the calculator about any deficiency you may have, then supplement it.


Protinex :All you wanted to know

Protinex : All you wanted to know(Image

Can you get your daily requirement of protein from food?

Yes, you can.But it needs a diet rich in animal protein with every meal.Fish, chicken, eggs, and milk needs to be part of your diet in the correct portions.
The problem is with the very busy schedules you lose the determination to plan your meals.
This is when Protinex helps.

What exactly is Protinex and how do you include it in your diet ?

Protinex is a powder.
You need to take it mixed with milk.
Since its predigested or hydrolyzed protein, it gets absorbed quickly and helps revitalize your cells easily.
Protinex is a complete protein source having all essential amino acids.
Since its hydrolyzed protein it acts quickly and ensures your body does not suffer from protein deficiency.

You can include it as a post-exercise drink for yourself and post playtime drink for your children.

The Protinex bytes are protein biscuits and are pleasantly vanilla flavored and are great for giving as snacks to kids In their growing age we often worry about how to give enough protein.These biscuits help me keep up with my daughters daily protein need and avoid unhealthy snacking.

The range of flavors like tasty chocolate.Elaichi, vanilla and the original Protinex are trusted for its excellent quality.A brand recognized for over 50 years presents you with a simple Protein calculator to help you be healthy every day.

5 steps to improve protein intake

1)Download Protinex Protein Calculator

2)Input your daily meal data.

3)They will give you a score depending on which you will know regarding deficiency if any.

4)Find how you can improve your daily protein intake.

5)Shop for your weekly food carefully.Makeup your deficiency with a good protein supplement  like Protinex

Protinex and Danone are trusted brands.When protein so important is it any wonder that Protinex introduced a protein calculator?This Protein calculator has given you the power to find out if your protein intake is right.

Important things you should know

Vegetarian sources of protein are deficient in essential amino acids.They are thus incomplete proteins.

Pulses and vegetable proteins lack essential amino acids.

Animal proteins are complete proteins.Eggs, fish, meat, chicken are complete proteins.Protinex is a complete protein source too.

Pregnant mothers and lactating mother are helped by a good supplement like Mama Protinex to meet their complete daily protein requirement.

Growing children need a protein-rich diet to help with their complete growth.Adding protein to each of their meals will help improve their performance at academic as well as extracurricular level.

The right kind of protein in your diet will help keep your immunity and your family’s disease fighting ability intact.

Proteins are a part of the body’s enzymes, hormones, skin, hair and in fact each and every cell of your body.

At the Protinex Event 

Joining hands with Danone India, Protinex launched a protein calculator at an event on 15th February 2018.

Our U19 Champion captain Prithvi Shaw unveiled the Protein calculator.

Interesting facts which I learned at the event

The recent IMRB survey has found 73% of the Urban population are protein deficient.Lucknow is most deficient(90%) and Kolkata least deficient.

Mr.Himanshu Bakshi  Danone India Director-Marketing , mentioned that 93% of Indians are unaware of their protein need and intake.

Protein in your diet is very important.Ask me why?Ask me why I insist on eggs and fish in my little one’s diet every day?

This is what I tell my daughter

The most important macronutrient which is responsible to make you taller, stronger and sharper is protein.

Disclaimer: All information provided is for general health awareness.Kindly consult your doctor for advice regarding specific conditions and dietary requirements.Full disclaimer.



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