Parmanu movie:My Thoughts on Pokhran

Pokhran test in 1998 is a time in history which changed how India was viewed by the world. Those in power always want to stay powerful. They find ways to stop others from growing powerful.But India no longer wanted to be a victim of circumstances and greed of more powerful nations!

India is a country which in 2500 years,has never invaded another territory. But has been invaded multiple times by foreign powers-APJ Abdul Kalam (President of India)

That’s why India needed to become a nuclear power. The logic was simple. If you want to keep your home safe, you make your own home stronger. That’s what our Government, under the leadership of Atal Bihari Vajpayee made India a Nuclear power.

Pokhran Nuclear test: What was it?

Pokhran was India’s second nuclear test. It happened in Rajasthan, in Indian Army’s Pokhran test range. The hot arid deserts helped keep India’s secret safe.

Pokhran Nuclear tests: The why?

USA, Russia, UK, France, and China already were nuclear powers before 1967 .and though they signed the in a treaty on Nonproliferation of Nuclear weapons, have yet to destroy their entire stash of nuclear warheads. The treaty said they would help when in need. But imagine your neighbor having that kind of power. That won’t help you sleep peacefully.

One country was from which we had wrested freedom and one more who shares several borders with India, was already a nuclear power. An unscrupulous neighbor who could never be trusted. What the Government did is called Preventive medicine like vaccines, or strategic defense. However you look at it, a foreign nation will think twice about attacking India. It serves as a warning.

Every Action has an Equal an opposite reaction:Newtons’ Third law !

Not something which helped India sleep peacefully. It was time to get stronger, not to attack but to defend. That’s the why behind India’s birth as a Nuclear power.

Who all did it?

  • The scientists at DRDO and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.
  • Indian Army
  • Government of India

What Pokhran Achieved?

India tested five Nuclear warheads. One fusion and Four fission. The developing and testing was under such secrecy to avoid detection by eyes in the sky. The passion,.courage, and dedication of the scientists and politicians who made this possible make them superheroes.I t also sent out a strong message to the world.

  • Indians believe in nonviolence, but we can protect our own.
  • Enough of being invaded.L oving and caring for neighbors is fine, but if the same neighbor attack or cast aspirations on our motherland, we are prepared.
  • India and Indians appreciate their Independence .It will never allow a foreign power to invade and take over again.
  • India has the brains and brawns to stand with the most advanced nations in this world.
  • India will stand by its own word to its citizen, they will be kept safe.
  • India can keep a secret.
  • India is an ancient land and the people value their motherland to keep it safe.
  • India is a responsible nuclear power.

You can catch this amazing movie of valor, Indian intelligence, Indian scientists and a wise Government who knew it was time to act. Whether it was foresight, historical perspective or good intelligence, is for us to guess and for them to know then Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) chief APJ Abdul Kalam who later become our Late President famously said, nuclear weapons were for “national security”

That's what Pokhran gave India: National security! Click To Tweet

The Critical view:

Is it overly simplistic? Is it a nationalistic viewpoint without sense? Is it propaganda? Nuclear power is destructive, why risk it?

My answers:

  • It’s not simple, but a cinematic representation of an event whose entire details cannot be revealed, because of national security.
  • It is nationalistic and I find no harm in that.
  • It is not propaganda but a necessary part of modern India, you should know about.

Nuclear power is destructive, but it can be used for constructive purposes. Both fission and fusion happens simultaneously inside the sun, What will you call the sun? Science and technology are rarely evil or good. Their application and the people behind them, decide the nature of the action. India will never be the first to use the nuclear weapons. Our ex-Prime Minister Mr.Vajpayee promised that. He also wanted India to be safe.

Pokhran was needed and the Parmanu movie is a spy thriller! It’s a must watch, to know how India hoodwinked foreign intelligence and become a Nuclear power!

This Independence Day, let’s celebrate India’s journey in becoming a super-power country of the world! On August 15, 12 Noon, Zee Cinema brings to us ‘India Ka Superpower Moment’ with the World T.V. Premier of Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran

Parmanu movie:My Thoughts on Pokhran
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Parmanu movie:My Thoughts on Pokhran
Parmanu movie is insightful. Some things you have to do as prevention. Pokhran was India's preventive medicine against Nuclear powers. Read my thoughts about this historic event and watch it on Zee TV on 15th August! 12 noon.
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