Mompreneurs blogging journey(part 13) :Blog hops and Alexa

My daughter just turned five.So now there’s a little less nap times and lap times.Cuddle times are as before.What’s changed is she has school for three to four hours in the morning and an evening or afternoon activity.
What this means is ,when I am not busy with professional obligations ,I have at least 3 hours to dedicate to my blog.

Net result:

  • More reading and writing
  • Less typos
  • More useful work
  • Interestingly even though Alexa is fluctuating madly its still okay.
  • I am getting ready for the A to Z challenge in April .The theme reveal is on 20th March.Many people Blog a book during this time.Definitely food for thought.But before blogging a book don’t forget to read this.
  • Plus I host two blog hops every week.So life is busy but good.

So what helps me get all this done?

The 3 Things I do,to manage my time well

  • I write or dictate whatever ideas strike me.I use Google doc app on my phone,evernote, or even my Gmail to send myself the idea.So I have 3 idea backups.
  • I schedule like mad .
    I use , Recurpost, Hootsuite Buffer, IFTT and a special formula available to my mastermind group.
  • I post on relevant Facebook groups and a group I manage with my friends Blogging friends and blogging moms.Supporting women bloggers has been the goal from the first .So meeting like minded friends online made the implementation easier.

Another thing that has made the journey this year ,a lot of fun are the blog hops.

I love participating in blog hops and hosting them myself.
I host #MondayMommyMoments with Deepa (Announcement of prompt every Sunday evening  8pm IST)The linky opens on Monday and is open till Saturday 23.55pm
With Tina ,Mayuri and Deepa we host #ThankfulThursdays.(Announcement of prompt every Wednesday 8pm IST)This one is from Thursday till Tuesday.
Both linkys encourage writing by giving prompts and linking up your other posts .

What happens when you participate in blog hops?

The links though no follow help.You will get a lot of people telling you different things.But the content of the blog and Alexa both helps in making a  blog earn.Definitely.
It helps improve your Alexa when people click on the link and visit your blog.This might appear like a “you pat me, I will pat your back”.But believe me, everything in life is this way.It’s how you look at it.The perception.Its the best way to socialize your blog , get subscribers and readers for your blog. Linkys get attention and the hosts promote them regularly on social media.
Other people tweet and pinning your posts help get them in front of their followers.So linky is great for promoting your blog, your expertise.
On both our linkys we read, comment, share and encourage the participants to do the same strongly.Read 5 blog posts per day.That will help you get ideas, socialize, learn and do your part to make blogging awesome.

Blog hops :How to get the most benefits

Blog hops :How to get the most benefits


Another favourite blog hop:

The link below is an affiliate link.That means if you click and make a purchase I receive a small commission.I only recommend products which I use and love.The final price in no way is changed due to the link.

I recently read the Building a framework by Abby Lawson
It was one big inspiration behind starting the linky. Abby recommends participating in two to three active blog hops.hops where the hosts like reading sharing and otherwise help promote each others content.The review will be up soon.

The point of hops,linkys, whatever you  call them is it  gives exposure. For you , your blog and your products(services/books/courses) in a different area to your usual haunts.This means socializing in blogosphere. If you do not blog much, not able to do more and are not able to spend an hour a day on it , it’s not a good idea for you.
Blog hops work.  You not only you read, share comment the hosts/cohosts post, but you also have people visiting you from the linky. You may have  your ideal audience among these readers .

Advantages of blog hops:

  • It improves your exposure and its free
  • It lets you reach people you otherwise had no way of connecting with.
  • It garners traffic to your blog and this can help get you brand attention.
  • It’s a great way to assess which posts are working well specially if you are a new blogger.
  • It improves your Alexa.  Yes it does.It definitely does!

How to get the maximum benefit from blog hops

  • Keep a schedule of the hop starting.
  • Try to b e one of the first ones.Best way to get hosts attention.
  • Definitely tweet  the post tagging the blog hop hosts,
  • Never forget to follow the rules of the hop.Its your best chance at getting featured.
  • Comment on the host post for inviting you
  • Leave comments on other participating blogs with relevant # hashtag (like #MMM) of linky
  • Answer any comments left for you.Avoid too brief comments(spam)
  • Writing please follow me back’ is not a good idea.
  • Tweet about the linky or post on Facebook , pin post whatever .When you do it ,do it well.

Do you want visitors to your blog?
Do you want people to buy your book?
Do you want people to take your course?
Do you want new subscribers?Do you want to work with brands on your own terms ?

If it’s a yes you can’t wait anymore.Start today.


Join our blog hops(shameless promotion) but remember the bottomline.There’s no easy way out for mompreneurs who are bootstrapping
You need a plan , hard work, dedication, participation and full reciprocation.

Do you like linky parties?Let me know what you think.

Updated :9th July 2017

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  1. Yes Blog hops improves alexa whosoever is linked in. To make it successful and good Alexa ranking we must develop habit of read,comment & share. This build up positive community spirit 🙂 Thank for mentioning #ClickandBlogAStory linky & your support 🙂

  2. Great post. I have heard of link parties but not blog hops. I will look into it. You manage your time very well to only have 3 hours.

  3. This is so much blogging wisdom rolled into one post. There are a lot of tips I am definitely going to make use of. At the same time, it makes me realize I have a lot to learn and a long way to go in blogging.

  4. I’d never really heard of blog hops. After reading this I am definitely interested in knowing how it all works.

  5. I need get involved in more blog hops to grow my community! Great rundown on your journey.

  6. Oh thats some great information about Blog hops Amrita. I am sure many are going to benefit from this. Thanks for doing MMM blog hop with me..its fun to host it with you.

  7. This is great to know! I do blog hops now and again. I didn’t realize the no follow thing. I will certainly keep that in mind!

  8. I love the post and thankyou so much for including our linky too.
    I pretty much take part in the same blog-hops. I need to do Shalini’s one though!