80 hours to Save Karen: Book Review you can’t miss!

Some stories make you feel awkward. Some stories make you paranoid and there are some which make you think. Eighty hours to save Karen is a dash to the finish.I picked up the book this weekend and was surprised at the speed I finished it. For a first time, Author Sitharaam needs to take a bow. He did the most difficult thing in a whodunit. He kept the mystery and kept the plot gripping.

Eighty Hours to Save Karen by Sitharaam Jayakumar: Book Review


A clean plot which avoids subplots. A well etched out central character that I rather liked. .The mystery is taut and emotionally gripping.T he ability of the author to solve the puzzle in a clean linear line is commendable. I also liked the systematic way the hero cleared up the problem. I like clean mysteries. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Sitharaam-Jayakumar-Eighty hours to save Karen

What could be better

I am a  medical Doctor who grew up with a daily diet of Robin cook, I will have expectations. When I  read medical thrillers I like to know details about the science behind it. I am a happy nerd that way!

Why I recommend this book

This book is of the quick mysteries genre and will keep you company on a rainy day and over weekends when you don’t want to sit with a lengthy novel, but craving a mystery thriller. It’s like a small pack of thrill which will make you happy.

Whom will you gift this book?

All those who love a good thriller.

My suggestion to the author:

May we have a series from this dashing retired hero?

Sitharaam-Jayakumar-Eighty hours to save Karen

Sitharaam-Jayakumar-Eighty hours to save Karen

Read all about the Author Sitharaam’s secret process of writing.

Book Blurb

What is it that ails little Karen? Does it have something to do with the supernatural? Join a grandfather’s journey as he sets out to unravel a web of deceit, treachery, and obsession in a bid to save the life of the only human being he can call his own.

About the author

Sitharaam Jayakumar is an Information Technology professional who started writing when a friend who was impressed by his versatile language urged him to do so. His repertoire includes social issues, women’s empowerment and fiction. He is a published poet.

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