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I  am a mommy , doctor  ,blogger.

I love sharing all that I know about Health, Wellness and my “not so smooth journey “as a struggling mompreneur!

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Healthwealthbridge :Health,Wellness and Entrepreneurship
Healthwealthbridge :Health,Wellness and Entrepreneurship


You will learn the truth, about controversial, health and nutrition fads.

My articles are not my personal beliefs , but scientific data supported by research and cochrane database.Many authority websites will charge you to make this info available

But I give it for free.

Ask me why..

Because I believe health information should be universally available and for free.

To let all of you live your healthiest.

Like all humans  are not created equal, all data and info are definitely,  unequal.

You have to wade through tons  of info to find ,what you need to know .

Thats where I come in.My goal is to make it easy for you.

So that you  know the truth ,without the headache.

Health ,wellness  is an ongoing journey .

Come join me.

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