Lead free paint in India :What you must know


My    home is three-quarters done.Now I need a good lead-free eco-friendly paint option in India.That’s why I am aggressively researching paints and services.I have already written about   Lead poisoning a few years back.That needed an update.Since that time our Government has decided to pass laws to restrict lead paint in household paints.But is that enough?A few questions need answering.

 How is Lead used in paints?

It is used as pigments.Lead carbonate or white lead makes the paint a white /cream color.Lead tetroxide is used to create bright red paint.

 Why is lead used in paints?

  •  Lead helps in drying quickly.
  • It makes the paint durable.
  • Makes the paint moisture resistant.

This made lead paints popular for use in homes, on metal exposed to the elements, and even children’s toys.Shocked?I was too when I researched for this article.Only lead paint at home is not a problem.Children can get exposed to industrial paints from various sources.

Both children and adults are at risk when exposed to lead paint.Paint applied to roads, highways, steel structures, industrial buildings, vehicles, and farm equipment all need to be lead-free.When these paints grow old, it degrades, flakes off and chips fall. This is the culprit behind long-term slow air pollution (by lead dust )  and soil contamination.This is a bigger problem when the paint is removed.The workers at these places are exposed to lead and take home this poison in their clothes, hair, skin.

The problem is industrial paints are applied to homes, schools, and consumer products.Where are the laws to stop schools and public places from using lead in paint?

Brands which have embraced lead-free and low VOC paint options include

  • Asian paints: Many products.They started their green assure product range 7 years back.They have also launched a new product Royale Atmos which absorbs VOC
  • Berger paints Breathe Easy Emulsions
  • Kansai Nerolac

(Any other?Let me know.I will update)

The  Indian Government has fixed the content of lead in house paints to less than 90  ppm.That’s a great initiative  But more decisions need to be taken, quickly.Lead is a poison.It’s difficult to remove. It poisons the air, water, soil and your food.

With Delhi pollution still a shocking reality, are we going to let our government dilly – dally with a known poison?

Both children and adults are at risk.The Government may do too little too late.Since you know this.What are you going to do now?

My wish :

Clean air, water, soil for all of us.



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Updated 16th September 2017

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  1. Lead in paint is illegal to use here in the US. And with good reason! I had no idea until this article why it was ever added to begin with. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. i didnt know paint has so much amount of lead also lead is so harmful for health. Thanks for putting forward such a great topic and health hazard.


  3. I knew paint had lead but I didn’t think it would people at such risk. Thanks for the read and i hope you find the lead-free paint you’re looking for.

  4. This is good to know! Lead in paint can get scary. We had some in the first house we lived in which is why they ended up bulldozing all the homes. (We lived on a military base.)

  5. I don’t know if they sell this brand where you are, but check out Valspar for low VOC. You can also try Benjamin Moore, or Sherwin Williams. My guess however, is that they may be hard to find in your area. But it’s worth a try.

  6. With known dangers of lead, I hope that you are able to find the paint that you are seeking. Truly there should be no companies still making paint with lead when we know the unhealthy dangers.