Effect of Alcohol on Ear and mouth:Health Questions India


You know alcohol damages your liver.

But do you know   about ,the effect of alcohol on your ear and mouth ?

Query #1

Why does my ear have a ringing sound after drinking alcohol?

It  gets better after 2 days…

What could be the problem?

Effect of Alcohol on Ear & mouth

Effect of Alcohol


  Problem is the effect of alcohol on your  ear .

The acute toxicity of blood alcohol causes immediate and frightening effects.

The delicate hair cells in   your cochlea (the hearing apparatus) doesn’t like  drinking alcohol .

The cochlear hair cells change the sound waves into electrical signals.When the nerve of hearing relays these signals to your brain,you hear.

 The cochlear hair cells hate beer,rum,gin,vodka   ..All alcoholic drinks.

It hates it because ,alcohol is a  cochlear haircell killer!This effect will  add up overtime and you will hear less .Your ears will have more ringing sounds.

Alcohols depresses  the central auditory cortex (the main place in the brain where hearing is processed).

This affect is long term.Happens with chronic alcohol abuse.Makes your brain shrink .


Alcohol ototoxicity will present as:

  • Blocked ear
  • Ringing sound in ear
  • Dizziness
  • Decreased Hearing

But why would you care if  cochlear hair cells hate drinking?

You like  how alcohol, makes you feel ,right?

You do .You care in your guts ,when you are throwing up next morning.

You care when you have a hang over.

Your ears care  ,because with time you are  hearing less.The sad part ,you don’t even notice.

The screams of the cochlear hair cells may initially present as a blocked, obstructed feeling in the ear.

This feeling of obstruction  is directly related  with the amount you drink.

Your liver can digest only small amount at a time .The rest circulates in the blood and affects different organs.

The Good News

This effect on your  cochlear hair cells is initially temporary. It gets better with decreasing blood alcohol level.That’s why your ears will  get unblocked after a day or two.The ringing stops.You hear perfectly.

The  Bad News

Over long time this toxic  effect  becomes cumulative.The ringing also known as Tinnitus will go on.

You will hear less and less .


What should you do?

1.Stop drinking alcohol (Yes I know,I am spoiling the party!Some of my friends hate me for saying this .At the risk of being unpopular,it still needs to  be mentioned first)

2) Try to stop drinking before your ear gets blocked/or  before the ringing starts .The liver can handle about 1 ounce of alcohol in one hour.Drinking quickly, binge drinking,drink in in empty stomach can all increase risk. 

3)  You drink occasionally,but still having these problems.Start a detox diet.

(Want a personalized detox diet ,made just for you write to me at dramrita@healthwealthbridge.com,and I will get back to you.)

4) Antioxidants,Vitamin  B12,Vitamin C, fresh fruits and veggies

5)Probiotic can help make your liver healthy.This in turn helps to clear the alcohol from blood .


Probiotic food :why you need it

Probiotics improve liver enzymes in alcohol induced liver injury

6)Get a Pure tone audiometry and tympanometry done

The report will tell you the damage your ear has suffered .

How does alcohol affect your mouth?

Alcohol can cause various problems in the oral cavity .
It  has a synergistic  effect with tobacco as a risk factor for head neck cancers.

Cancers of oral cavity oropharynx ,larynx are all possible with alcohol consumption.

Together with smoking, the risk is much more than simply additive .
The risk appears dose dependant.

Drinking alcohol  damages the oral mucosa .It  causes carcinogenic  changes over time.
The effect is  due to both ethanol and it’s metabolite acetaldehyde.

Gum problems,caries are all common with poor oro-dental hygiene ,associated with alcoholism.But head neck cancers are the scary ones.

Chronic alcohol users :Higher risk  of oropharyngeal  and laryngeal cancers.

What can you do ?

1 to 5 and review with your otolaryngologis regularly. 

Design your own healthy lifestyle.Live healthy.Live strong.

Comment below to let me know ,what effect of alcohol you have experienced?

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Disclaimer :Health information provided here is meant to help and spread awareness. It is not to be taken as professional medical advice. 

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  1. I drink alcohol occasionally though I’ve never experienced this personally. Thanks for the information and creating awareness!

    • Hi Ana ,Ocaasional moderate amount of alcohol rarely causes the ear symptoms.But about the oral cavity symptoms data is cloudy .Moderation is always helpful.

    • Ocaasional moderate amount of alcohol rarely causes the ear symptoms.But about the oral cavity symptoms data is cloudy .Moderation is always helpful.

  2. I’m a social drinker and well aware of the risks, that’s why I do it in moderation. Some people just abuse alcohol and I always feel bad for their poor liver.

    • You are right Jules social drinking in moderation rarely causes problems.Its only when it suffocates the life out of life.thats when the problem starts.Thanks for reading.

  3. Thanks for this informative post! I do hope other people can read through this or at least relay the message. While many people really loves drinking, I think they will still enjoy doing so even if taken with moderation.

    • Thanks Sophie.You are right. Alcohol when taken in moderation,some damages can be limited. Ultimately it’d your life and you have to choose.Live healthy …or not.

  4. I don’t drink alcohol but it was an interesting read. I never knew alcohol could affect one’s ears.

    • Hi Izabela,few people care about their ears when they are drunk.But alcohol can affect everything in your body.It’s a good thing you practice healthy choices .Thanks for reading.

    • You are absolutely right NamRata.Teaching by example is easier. That’s why we need parents to be aware.So glad ypu liked this.

  5. Well, this is interesting…I don’t drink alcohol very often. Maybe once or twice a week. I’ve never experienced this! I will keep this in mind though, if any friends tell me they have this reaction to alcohol…

  6. I have nothing against drinking. I think my friends are funnier when they had a few. It helps loosen you up. I myself don’t drink so hopefully I won’t have hearing issue.

  7. Great tips. I never knew alcohol could affect your ears. I always thought it was the nightclub music making me deaf… now I’m not too sure.

    • That’s an interesting input .The loud music in nightclub can actually make it worse.Any sound about 65 db has ability to permanently damage your hearing.That’s why you need awareness. Thanks for reading