Ear Problems and Solutions

Ear problems and solutions  for them is a series of posts  aimed at providing  help for the common ear diseases.

As an ENT Surgeon I  face questions about  ear infections, problems with hearing, itching of ear dizziness, ringing in ear discharge and many other.

Through this series of posts I plan to do all I can to help .

Many causes of earache makes diagnosis without examination almost impossible. Children specially often complain of earache.As a parent you face tremendous challenges to give relief and support to your family during these times.

Aeroplane ear:when to see a doctor

Only a ear doctor can take a look inside your ear

Image courtesy David Castillo Dominic @freedigitalphotos.net

Impossible to actually write about all the ear problems in easily digestible language without it becoming a science lecture. But what’s there in life except attempting the impossible.So here goes. These are the first two post in the series of ear problems. Write to me dramrita@healthwealthbridge.com for any queries. Remember to always contact an ear specialist when your problem is persistent.


Unlike other body parts you really can’t look into your own ear or that of you loved ones without specialised instruments.



Earache what you need to know

Earache what you need to know


Aeroplane ear

Aeroplane Ear: How you can prevent it

Ear: How you can prevent it


keloid formation during ear piercing

Ear piercing: Don’t do it without reading this


EAR PROBLEMS :Health  query

FAQ OTOSCLEROSIS:What you need to know

Cochlear implant (part1): wht you need to know

Cochlear  implant (part 2): who needs it

Effect of alcohol  on hearing


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  1. I have never had an ear infection before but once I cleaned my ear a bit to deep and I have never felt that kind of pain before and my friend told me thats how it feels like when you have an ear infection. Ouch! And you are right about having earache is difficult becauae one need special instruments to look into the ears.

  2. I have actually been diagnosed with extremely tiny ear canals that get filled with sticky wax. Between not being able to hear well and my terrible memory it makes life a little less enjoyable. I need to see an ENT really soon 🙁

    • Hi Melanie.Try increasing your daily intake of water and fluids to about 4 to 6 litres per day( depending on how hot the climate is ).
      Increasing water helps make more fluid ear wax ,which is easily self cleaned.
      Hope this helps.